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Claim Management Services

Claims management services consist of advice or services in respect of claims for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage, or in respect of some other obligation.

Our team is providing personalize claim services from last 10 years and trained to meet your requirements in claims management and customer service with a single-minded focus; to provide assistance and advice when it is needed the most. Our team will collect all of the information required throughout the process and proactively manage the overall process to help achieve priority service for you within the agreed service delivery standards. In the last six years

  • We are having 96% claim disposable percentage.
  • Around 35000 claims have been reported at us.
  • We have settled 33500 No. of claims.

Key Points :

  • Central contact point throughout the claim.
  • Optimum management of the claim at all stages of the process.
  • Single technology and platform that delivers integrated, consistent and quality ensured processes for all a client’s claims.
  • Reduces time gap in claim process.
  • Having dealerships and authorized workshops of Tata, Hyundai and Audi at Vidharbha & Chhattisgarh.
  • Repairs with genuine spare parts.
  • Customer can take benefit of our claim consultancy though he don’t have insurance through us by bearing some nominal cost.

Tips while claim:

Make contact with your insurance company as soon as possible in case of an event to register the claim.

Do not conduct major repairs before contacting your insurer.

For all claims that involve a third party injury, a GD entry or FIR is required to be submitted along with the claim form.

Purchasing the right insurance product at the right level to cover your assets like your home, car, and furnishings will ensure that if you ever experience damage or loss to these key assets you will be able to replace these and get back on your feet quickly


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