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Need of General Insurance?

Now a day’s Insurance is becoming a necessity more than just a utility.

Safeguarding your belongings accumulated through years of hard work is the right thing to do and this is where different type of insurance service provider plays a pivotal role.

Need insurance or not is unique to your circumstances

For example, for a homeowner living in a flood risk area, purchasing a cover against floods would prove to be helpful.

On the other hand, if you own a home where the risk of floods is negligent, then it may not be necessary to obtain a cover. In such case you can just save your money on the premium!

In India, auto insurance is compulsory under the law.

In that case, the debate if you need insurance or not is irrelevant.

You must purchase auto insurance if you own a vehicle.

General insurance in India can be put on a must-have list for most people, business entities and entrepreneurs alike.

It is a handy tool that goes a long way to bring certainty and peace of mind in life.


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